We are Golden State Roleplay Community.

We are the elite roleplaying community for Grand Theft Auto V across all modern day platforms.

Who we are.

Golden State Roleplay Community was established on December 1, 2016 by Director Powell.


Community Director

Copy of Marcus

PS4 Director


PS4 Director


PC Director

What is Golden State Roleplay Community?

Golden State Roleplay Community was founded on the basis and belief that we could and will provide a great roleplay experience for everyone who wanted to take that advantage!Golden State Roleplay Community is the most respected roleplay community across modern day gaming platforms. Our roleplay sessions are conducted in the utmost professional manner possible. Having a community with such a reputation and excellence, there has to be an elite staff selection.Golden State Roleplay Community has the most elite, respective staff, and quite frankly, the best staff anyone could ask for. Without our staff members, and members, Golden State Roleplay Community wouldn't have made it this far, after being established on December 1st, 2016.